My name is Sami, and my job is to help you make sense of complexity and clarify what's really important for you in the future.

⟶ If you're a startup, I will sharpen and visualise your winning proposition, and create next steps to success: funding, scale, or whatever is it your want.

⟶ If you work in a corporation, I'll help you get rid of unclarity, and incorporate progressive foresight and strategy tools into your daily work.

I've worked in design and futures on hundreds of projects on five continents for over two decades, with topics ranging from robotics and wearables to energy and finance. My work has taken me to several continents, and won 40+ awards and several international patents. Since 2007, I am a founding partner and the creative director at Nordkapp, and starting from 2020, serve as a member of the board at IxDA.

As a person to work with, I am an ENTJ and score high (94%) on openness and low (12,5%) on neuroticism on The Five Factors of Personality. Over the years I've also done over one hundred talks, workshops and lectures, and I'd love to do one for you too, either remote or in person.

I also tweet, am on Instagram and you can connect with me on Linkedin here. For more detailed references of what I've done, and could do for you please get in touch ⟶ sami.niemela@gmail.com or +358 50 528 9265 (GMT+2, Whatsapp/Signal preferred).